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A documentary about how hard life can be... for a cat!

You think you know how hard life can be?

You don't know a thing.

Meet Fat Moo, a city cat who tells it like it is.

In this short documentary, directed by David R. Roberts and narrated by Fat Moo, we see the hard-knocks and heart-aches of a cat who is just trying to keep his head down 

Trailer Coming Soon

Fat Moo with director

David R. Roberts




Sometimes your darlings try and kill you back

The Cheat & God

Killing your lead character is a sure fire twist the audience will never see coming.


But the emotional attachment you have to them can make it very hard to see it through.


It becomes even harder for Bren when his lead Character, Zyanya turns up in his kitchen.


A short noir-comedy about confronting your maker.

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Bren meets Zyanya
An unexpected visitor
Dealing with it
A decision to make
The gun
Cup of tea?
Last chance
Writer's block
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