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To Kill a God

To Kill a God

The war was over in less than a week. The invaders were virtually unstoppable. One by one each country fell like dominoes. Now they are here and promising us a better future.

But a small group of insurgents are holding out. A cell in London has managed to do the impossible and has taken one of "them" hostage.


Do they try and find a way to end the occupation? Execute it to make an example? Or accept that there really is no future of their own?

To Kill a God is currently in development, using a combination of traditional story telling and character improvisation.

The Shadow Formula

The Shadow Formula

The Shadow Formula is a play set in London in 1938 where an innocent reprobate finds himself drawn into a dark, underworld of spies and assassins.

Will our hero, an innocent man accused of a murder he did not commit clear his name?


Will he survive encounters with dastardly foreign agents and treacherous femme fatales?


Will he uncover the horrifying truth of a deadly threat endangering the future of Great Britain itself


The truth of The Shadow Formula.

Victoria Train Station, 1938
The Cafe Pomme D'Amour
Raz blends in
Claude and Cary share a drink.
Cary meets Raz
Diana Unity Fox - A Rotter!
Cary trusts the wrong woman.
A spot of bother.
A moment to catch one's breath
The Professor - Quite mad!
The creator of the Shadow Formula
The interogation.
Cary with Mansfield and Melville.
A bag lady.
Guido waits in the dark.
Is this the end for Cary Donat?
The madness of the Shadow Formula.
The silent rogue, Gruber.
Cary has the upperhand for once.
A violent end.
The company.

The Shadow Formula contains all the elements of a classic Hitchcockian spy thriller, with heart-pumping chases all over London, classic noir tropes and a twist and turn at every moment

"Fans of films such as: The Thirty-Nine Steps, The Lady Vanishes and The Third Man will find much to enjoy."


- Matthew Partridge,

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Lost 5 Minute Festival Shorts

Lost 5 Minute Festival Shorts


Every year LOST Theatre hosts a 5 minute play competition. The plays below were entered in 2009 and 2011.


The world is going to end in five minutes so Joel and Jack go to the dentist to wait for an appointment...


We should do something to distract ourselves.


That’s what we do for our entire lives -- distract ourselves.


Let’s stop it then. We have a chance to truly be free from it all. Truly be ourselves. We are free. Free to do whatever we want.


I know. Horrible isn’t it...



Basically what we’ve got here is a script scraped bare of any kind of plot, structure, characters--


We’re characters!


What’s your name?





Two! What sort of character name is that? It’s the laziest name ever put to paper.


What about "The Man with no name"?



That actually has a lot of words in it.

Beyond the Fourth Wall

Two characters attempt to be in a play and turn out to be very bad at it.

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